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Next generation technology solutions for driver and vehicle fleet management.


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Our Transportation Services

IOT Device Technology. Innovative GPS Software. AI Technology. Driver Management.


Driver & Vehicle Management

Shiftyy provides both vehicle and driver management, through our Shiftyy Fleet & Pro platforms.


Anytime, Anywhere

Our GPS software and mobile cam works in all regions and has 99.99% run rate.


Cost Savings

We provide cost savings to our customers by having a lean operation and an experienced tech team.


IOT Truck Technology

Optimize your fleet operations with an installed Shiftyy device for real-time information on vehicles, drivers and cargo. A variety of modular features are available to customize solutions for your specific needs. Visualize and track your assets in real-time with live GPS mapping, route tracking, driver behavior alerts, vehicle diagnostics, and advanced reporting. Contact Shiftyy for a free consultation and demonstration.

  • Keyless Entry
  • Live GPS Mapping
  • Mobile Driver Cam
  • Vehicle Diagnostics
  • Automated Dispatching
  • Route & Cargo Tracking
  • Driver Management

A.I. Driver Cam

Fleet Metrics meets Artificial Intelligence. Shiftyy with its technical partners have developed a proprietary AI-based firmware and back-end event management software is embedded in our in-vehicle cameras. It dynamically detects events that are important to fleet operators including:

  • Driver distraction
  • Vehicle proximity
  • People counting
  • Lane departure
  • Smoking
  • Eating
  • Texting
  • Driver Fatigue

IOT Bus Technology

Harness the power of Shiftyy’s Bus Technology to better manage the performance and safety of your fleet. Standard features include real-time GPS mapping, driver behavior alerts, vehicle diagnostics, route tracking, dispatching, and GPS reporting. Modular features like exterior and Interior camera systems powered by machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are also available to increase the accountability and safety of your drivers and passengers.

  • Intelligent Route Mapping
  • Optimized Pick-up and Drop Off Schedules
  • Multiple Vehicle Type Support
  • Disruption Management for Breakdowns
  • Fleet Utilization Analytics
  • Location and Trip History Data
  • Bus Driver Cam
  • Wifi Access for passengers

Our Products

Meet our latest technology


Driver Cam

Our powerful A.I. mobile cam provides feedback on driver behavior in the vehicle, such as: fatigue, eating, smoking, seat belt texting. The cam also track vehicle passengers by utilizing artificial intelligence.


Innovative GPS Software

Shiftyy Fleet Pro provides the most comprehnisve GPS tracking, delivery tracking, cusotmized reports, diagonistics, automated dispatching, optimized resource planner, disruption managemnet, HOS driver logs and much more.


Road Cam

Our A.I. road cam provides safety to drivers, with lane depature warnings, proximity warnings and other safety alerts.


Shiftyy Fleet App

Shfityy Fleet app is an enterprise level fleet management application for small to large businesses. Very simple but powerful features to manage large numbers of vehicles, drivers, and parking locations. Unlock and lock vehicle doors with a smartphone, vehicle map viewing, lot locations, employee vehicle sharing, gps tracking, assest tracking and vehicle scheduling all through the Shiftyy Fleet App.

app app

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